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mmmm i TASTE it, the music pours from my heart. notes, sounds, COLORS AND VISIONS EXPLODE from my soul, i am a fragile flower. its so easy to tear me apart.I FEEEEEL EVERY tiny MOMENT SEPARATELY, every little detail of life inspires ME. intrigues ME. disgusts ME. touches ME. moves ME. the sorrow and melancholy FLAVOR OF LIFE is beautiful. the joyful, peaceful, beautiful moments of life are like LIVING IN WONDERLAND.

some things i LOVE!!! music festivals, thats where you will find me all summer!!! and well people. im totally in love with people. lol some people get scared of me when we frst meet. i come off very happy and strong to some. others love me instantly. i loveeee movies. i watch movies alot. and SKINS BUTTT ONLY THE UK VERSION!!! LOL i dont know ive done almost every drug and the ones i havnt touched yet i will try. but im not a drug addict!! lol i expirement. and its caused this expolding sensation of love in my brain body and spirit. im not always happy and you will be able to tell from what i post when im not. but i always find my way back!!! for those of you with depression or anxiety!! there is hope! you have to find the strength within!!
love light and peace to my followers and to the people i follow!


A lesson in nutrition from Andy Dwyer.